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At last! A third party organization who holds Coaches, Athletes, Guardians, Trainers, Academies, Agents and Minor Athletes in the sport of tennis equally accountable to ethical standards and business practice … so you don't have to.

GTP Ensures the following:

•  Coaches, Trainers, Academies and Agents the opportunity to protect their sweat equity they provide to Athletes, Minor Athletes and Guardians.

•  Athletes, Minor Athletes and Guardians are protected from exploitative Coaches, Trainers and Academies who seek contracts in perpetuity.

•  For Guardians, Athletes and Minor Athletes what was once possibly unattainable premium Coaching and Training is now at your fingertips.

•  Accountable measures for those who do not honor their agreements and public archived records of such.

•  Uniform code of conduct, ethics and contracts making universal accountability easy to achieve.

Pro Athletes! Get Certified Now.

Athlete Certification from GTP is available to anyone above the age of 18.  This Certification allows Athletes the opportunity to receive premium coaching that they otherwise might not presently be able to afford. No exclusive relationship is required. Uniform global contracts that have globally accepted accountability allow Athletes to still negotiate deferred compensation between you and your Certified Coach. Compensation is paid when you achieve ONLY for services that were provided. Available to any GTP Certified Athlete who contracts with a GTP Certified Coach. Learn More Here

Guardians! Provide your child the level of training they need and deserve.

GTP Certification for Guardians is available for any Guardian or Parent with a child or ward under the age of 18 (or currently enrolled in NCAA athletics) seeking premium coaching today. GTP contracts ensure NCAA compliance to maintain NCAA eligibility. New Coaches are being certified every day. A Certified Guardian will begin a payment plan commencing one year from the conclusion of the calendar quarter from when your contract or services with a Coach completes in five year non-intrusive payment plans. A 4% interest rate per year does apply to outstanding Collective. Learn More Here

Coaches! Get Certified Today!

Any Coach from from around the globe who meets our standard requirements and agrees to our accountability measures is eligible for GTP Certification. Coaches you must protect your current and future value. Have you ever coached a player for pennies on the dollar? Like most coaches … are you doing that now? That simply isn’t fair to you, or the coaches that follow. Your time and expertise is valuable. We offer contracts for deferred payment with your Athlete based on their future potential winnings or if under the age of 18, guaranteed payments from their Guardian. No exclusive relationship is required. You are due compensation for your time regardless the form and accountability for those services. Learn More Here