About GTP

We are the first ever, accountability based sports Company, that protects the “sweat equity” a Coach, Trainer, Academy or Agent may provide to an Athlete, Minor Athlete or Guardian. GTP’s Association has established a uniform code of ethics, contracts, standards and accountability that all parties can agree to, while providing fair compensation and coaching opportunities for everyone. 

ABOUT US: We are GTP, empowering Tennis Professionals of all kinds

GTP was initially created to provide accountability and recourse for the tennis community because absolutely non existed. No one was accountable to anyone. GTP created an alternative way for Coaches, Trainers, Agents and Academies and Athletes, Minor Athletes and Guardians to conduct business which ultimately brought about new opportunities within the sport. Because of the initial success with the first GTP Tennis Association, we decided to bring the “Coaches Collective” and Association to other sports. 

Be part of a movement for accountability and protect everyones value and reputation. Uniform contracts, specific for your sport, used by all Certified Coaches, Trainers, Agents and Academies with Certified Athletes, Minor Athletes and Guardians that allow for deferred compensation with re-payment on future winnings (Athlete/Engagement and Engagement+ Contracts) or non-intrusive payment plans (Guardian/Amateur Status Contracts).

Contracts should be respected among our community and entities should honor their obligations to one another. For some reason the tennis community seemed not to agree…until now! GTP as a third party WILL hold everyone accountable equally, so you don’t have to. Meet the creators of the Coaches Collective and Founding Members of the First Association of Ethical Coaches and Players for Tennis. New Associations are currently being formed for other sports. Don’t see your sport? Be alerted to its conception by subscribing to our newsletter on our Contact Us Page.

Meet our GTP Advisory Board:

Our Advisory Board is a collection of Coaches with more than a Century worth of combined experience at every level of the tennis game. They are advising and helping GTP craft services and products that serves the entire tennis community’s best interests. The system and profession of Tennis Coaching is broken in many regards, and GTP is doing its part to resolve those deficiencies within our control. We urge every Coach, Trainer, Academy, Athlete, Minor Athlete, Guardian and Agent to join the Association. It is just a better way to conduct business.

Adrian Bohane
(Contributing to Amateur Status Contracts)
Maybe the best Junior Tennis Player the State of Florida has ever seen. Born Irish but American to the core, Adrian has devoted his life to the sport of tennis (last fifteen years as a coach) was a Former #1 Ohio State Player and has incredible insight as to why American tennis has struggled for the last twenty years. His wisdom and contributions continue to mold GTP into the world class organization that it is and is helping us create long term goals.

BJ Munroe
(Contributing to Amateur Status Contracts)

Potentially one of the top three best players from his native Country the Bahamas. BJ, currently serves as the tennis director at Bear Lakes Country Club in West Palm Beach, FL, and has experienced first hand the hardship of affording proper coaching and the struggle to provide premium coaching when players cannot afford it. Through his unique insight we have cultivated programs that allow Parents and Guardians the opportunity to afford premium coaching for their child or ward.

Cameron Lickle
(Contributing Amateur Status, Engagement & Engagement + Contracts) Cameron’s first hand experience as a Coach, Agent and Sponsor with a Chinese Player ended with a situation that rivaled Jules Verne’s, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. His experience has served as the catalyst to fix a system that most knew was broken, but feared to take action. His insights, first hand experience and now firmly established blue print from “soup to nuts” has aided in the creation of standards, accountability and uniformity that is easy for everyone to understand and ensures a similar situation is never encountered again. 

Eddie Elliott
(Contributing Engagement & Engagement + Contracts)

Coach to American Superstar Lauren Davis. Eddie is a massive contributor to the shape of what GTP is currently. Eddies insights have shed much light into the inconsistencies the Coaching World contains. Representation for the Coach is non-existent…until now. Eddies first hand experience is helping GTP shape the way Engagement + Contracts for Coaches and Players within the top 150 ATP/WTA are created.

Vincent Baudat
(Contributing Amateur Status Contracts)

Vince is one of the most talented and skillful Coaches that the tennis world has to offer. Born in France, Vince currently serves as tennis director at Mayacoo Country Club in West Palm Beach, FL. Vince has helped craft the talents of several top 300 Players over the last twenty years including serving as the interim hitting partner to Venus and Serena Williams. Vince has been and continues to be a major contributor to the creation of GTP and the Amateur Coach Guardian relationship.

Teamwork makes the dream work! We represent the greater good of everyone in tennis.
None of this would be possible, if it was not for this unique group of coaches, from all walks of life. We teamed up with a shared vision that we believe is in line with every Coach, Athlete, Guardian, Trainer, Academy and Agent across every sport across the entire globe. Join us, as we protect everyone’s future through accountability and standard regulations.

More details about GTP

GTP Membership Advantage

Clear communication between all parties:
Coaches, Athletes, Guardians, Trainers, Agents and Academies alike; GTP’s Association contracts are standard and uniform globally, therefore easily understood by everyone. No more ambiguity.
• Translatable to English, Spanish and French so may be universally understood.
• Clearly outlined services to be provided by a Coach, Trainer or Academy.
• Clearly defined (deferred) compensation re-payment requirements by the Athlete, Minor Athlete and Guardian on their accrued “Collective.”
• No more exclusivity: Coaches, Trainers, Academies, Athletes, Minor Athletes and Guardians may sample a plethora of different opportunities before fully committing to one-another. Feelings can no longer be hurt.

Efficient, 3rd party conflict resolution:
GTP’s association will serve as a third party mediator in the event of conflict. We understand conflicts do arise occasionally, so when it does:
• GTP will serve as a non-biased third party mediator.
• If mediation is unattainable, any active contracts will be immediately terminated.
• If a member to the contract is not upholding their obligations, a breach may be filed with GTP directly from your association’s profile page.
• If a Member of the Association does not fulfill their agreed to obligations, the Association will hold the defaulting party accountable to ensure the integrity of the Association remains intact.
• Should this obligation be of a monetary value, GTP will utilize a series of measures to ensure compensation is paid accordingly on behalf of Coach, Trainer, Academy or Agent at no additional out-of-pocket expense to you.

Fair compensation for your services:
• Coaches can not afford to not be paid. Athletes and Guardians can not afford to pay a Coach. What to do? The answer! The Coaches Collective with DEFERRED COMPENSATION:
• With deferred compensation, an Athlete may receive premium coaching today and compensate a Coach, Trainer or Academy tomorrow  on 15% of earnings for services that were provided ONLY.
• Amateur Status Contracts allow a Guardian to begin a payment plan for the services a Coach, Trainer or Academy provided beginning one year from the conclusion of the calendar quarter with which a contract completed.
• Deferred compensation is negotiable, so a Coach, Athlete, Guardian, Trainer, Agent  and Academy must still mutually agree to a value on services to be provided. 
• Coaches, Trainers and Academies may now “invest” in the future of any athlete with “sweat equity.”
• Coaches , Trainers and Academies may now sign contracts for fair consideration and establish their value.