GTP’s “Association of Ethical Tennis Coaches and Players”

Providing protection, value and accountability for everyone whose livelihood is made within the tennis sporting community, by means of uniform contracts, ethics, and accountability.

The Association of Ethical Coaches and Players Associations is a wholly owned division of GTP. The Association is made up entirely of Coaches, Athletes, Guardians, Trainers, Academies, Agents and Minor Athletes like you. All Members revel in words such as honor, duty, loyalty, and responsibility and who applaud consequences for those who break them. The Association offers accountability for everyone and ensures promises from a Coach, Trainer, Academy or Agent to an Athlete, Minor Athlete or Guardian are enforced and vice versa. All Members agree to be bound by an Association Specific Operating Agreement that governs the integrity of their specific sporting Association. It is extremely important you as a Coach, Athlete, Guardian, Trainer, Academy, Agent or Minor Athlete fully understand the Agreement before applying and accepting Membership to our, or we should now call it your Association. Congratulations on making it this far!