• Fair compensation for your services

  • Athletes and Guardians can not afford to pay a Coach. Coaches can not afford to not be paid. What to do? The answer! The Coaches Collective with DEFERRED COMPENSATION:
  • ATHLETES: With deferred compensation, an Athlete may receive premium coaching today and compensate a Coach, Trainer or Academy based on 15% of future tournament winnings (prior to taxes and withholdings) for services that were provided ONLY. THIS IS NOT IN PERPETUITY! Pay only for the services you negotiated through GTP’s Contracts.
  • GUARDIANS: Amateur Status Contracts allow a Guardian to begin a payment plan for the services a Coach, Trainer or Academy provided, one (1) year from the conclusion of the calendar quarter from when a GTP Contract completed.
  • Deferred compensation is negotiable, so a Coach, Athlete, Guardian, Trainer, Agent and Academy must still mutually agree to a value on services to be provided. 
  • Coaches, Trainers and Academies may now “invest” in the future of any athlete with “sweat equity.”
  • Coaches , Trainers and Academies may now sign contracts for fair consideration and establish their value.

AGENTS may also use our contracts titled “Agent Initiated Contracts” and be compensated under the same umbrella.

  • Clear Communication Between all parties

GTP’s Association contracts have clearly outlined responsibilities. No more ambiguity.

  • Contracts are translatable to English, Spanish and French however the English version will always prevail.
  • Clearly outlined services to be provided by a Coach, Trainer or Academy.
  • Clearly defined (deferred) compensation re-payment requirements by the Athlete, Minor Athlete and Guardian on their accrued “Collective.”
  • No more exclusivity: Coaches, Trainers, Academies, Athletes, Minor Athletes and Guardians may sample a plethora of different opportunities before fully committing to one-another. Feelings can no longer be hurt.
  • Efficient, 3rd party conflict resolution

GTP’s association will serve as an independent third party mediator in the event of conflict. We understand conflicts do arise occasionally, so when they do:

  • GTP will mediate.
  • If mediation is unattainable, any active contracts with other members  will be immediately terminated until a resolution has been determined.
  • If a member to the contract is not upholding their obligations, a breach may be filed with GTP directly from your association’s profile page.
  • If a Member of the Association does not fulfill their agreed to obligations, the Association will hold the defaulting party accountable to ensure the integrity of the Association remains intact.
  • Should this obligation be of a monetary value, GTP will utilize a series of measures to ensure compensation is paid accordingly on behalf of the Coach, Trainer, Academy or Agent at no additional out-of-pocket expense to you.