GTP’s newest initiative: Providing legal protection and accountability with standard, uniform contracts around the Globe for Coaches, Athletes and Guardians alike. GTP's initiative has opened a path to opportunities for many careers, not only in the Coaching/Athlete relationship, but in GTP’s company as well. We are looking for contributors of the tennis game who have experience in contract negotiation, Coaching and/or as an Athlete interested in expanding our company locally, regionally and globally. In addition, we are currently looking for employees with experience in accounting and bookkeeping, as well as marketing and sales. Some positions will require travel.


• Accountant • Assistant to the CEO • Sales

• Multi-Level Marketing Positions • Para Legal for our attorneys

Hiring Philosophy: Hire the best people.
We are highly selective. The Founders of GTP have earned their right to their accomplishments. We want the same for and from you. We want people who passionately believe in our initiative, which will in turn provide you with one of the greatest rewards of all: a team of exceptional individuals focused on one common mission. GTP is bringing integrity and accountability to the business of tennis, with the help of people like you.

We expect to face adversity from almost every direction. That’s to be expected by anyone with the courage to be a pioneer. We anticipate a great deal of push-back from those who disdain change and those who are in love with the current broken and outdated way to do business. Our innovative system will alter the current mold for the sporting community as a whole, offering alternative solutions for those who are deserving of much needed assistance. Your voice within our company will be heard and will contribute to the collective growth of what we believe is the most important initiative to arrive to the sporting community.

We want people that never want to stop learning and the members of GTP are constantly learning from and evolving with one another. We share ideas and communicate concerns of potential problems in order to ensure the product we produce is well groomed for the entire community. We encourage open thought and contribution and do not want a team that consists of only “soldiers who take orders.”

Founders have had first hand experience.
We are managed by a seasoned and responsible team. We know our mission, and our long-term plan is rock solid. Our team believes that good is the enemy to great as our leaders have experienced every roll the tennis community has to offer as Coach Athlete and Agent. We have all experienced and bore witness to the multitude of idiosyncrasies that exists within the sporting community. We offer solutions to fix an at times glaringly broken system. When you speak to your managers about your work, you will be understood. Managers get their hands dirty in our company. We want you to do the same!

Give them a meaningful role.
Your role will have a significant impact on our company, on our users and our growth. And, because what GTP is doing will be transformative in the entire sporting world, so will your contributions. 

Values opinions and ideas.
As we said, we hire the best people. With a lot of smart people around, ideas abound. We will want to hear your ideas and we will give them real consideration.


If you’re up for the challenge, submit your qualifications today to: