GTP is the only viable business model for the future growth of professional tennis. Through us, fair treatment is realized by every person within our great sport.

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Get the training you need,
with providers of YOUR choice.
Our non-exclusive contracts
allow terms you choose.

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Provide your child the
level of training they need
and deserve at any time, no
matter your income strata.

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Get paid your true
market value, and build your
retirement plan through
deferred compensation.

A Message from our CEO

At Last! An organization fighting for the rights of every individual in our great sport!

  • Inclusive Membership
    – Athletes (adult and minor);
    – Guardians (includes parents)
    – Providers (coaches, academies, trainers, agents)
  • Fairness – GTP is fighting for the fair compensation of every individual making their living through tennis.
  • Accountability – GTP is the pioneer of proprietary, contractual deferred payment plans that benefit everyone in the professional tennis community.
  • Connections – GTP members can find one another, anywhere in the world, even when they’re traveling.
  • Classifieds/Message Boards – Search or post opportunities and interact with other members.

GTP On-The-Fly Enforceable Contracts

GTP’s 5 easy to use contracts are initiated from a member’s profile. Automated, clearly understood, binding contracts.

Providers Negotiate Their Own Market Value

For the first time ever, providers can clearly define their true market value, then negotiate fair pricing with athletes and guardians directly … and get it!

My Collective

The heart of GTP lies in our revolutionary deferred payment options. Members have private access as GTP collects, tracks and disperses through our proprietary loan servicing software.

A Retirement Plan For Providers

You’ll be paid through 5 year re-payment plans by guardians, and future earnings from athletes for services you rendered.

Deferred Payments For Athletes And Guardians

If funds are tight now, keep your money for other expenses. With GTP, you can still receive all the coaching you need today.

Quality Control Email Verification

At the conclusion of each contract, both parties will receive an email to confirm that services provided were received.

Member To Member Conflict Resolution

When differences arise, GTP will serve as an unbiased mediator to uphold the integrity of the Association’s Operating Agreement.

GTP Protects the Value of all Entities within the Tennis Community

GTP is the path to successful business for true professionals:

• We have eliminated ambiguity for compensation with our ‘on-the-fly’, non-exclusive digital contracts. Easy to understand … even easier to use.

• GTP offers contract enforcement, while acting as an independent mediator of member conflicts, if one arises.

• We have established a uniform code of conduct and ethics, bringing universal accountability to the global tennis community.

• GTP offers easy connections with members all over the world, while offering a platform to post events or jobs and discuss relevant issues.

GTP has fundamentally changed the affordability of tennis training:

      – Through our proprietary ‘deferred payment plans’, guardians and athletes now have the freedom to choose the provider(s) they want to work with, regardless of their current income strata.

      – At the same time, providers build a retirement plan, based on fair compensation for their contribution to any number of their athlete’s careers.

Member certification; application requirements; benefits:

• Every person that works within the Global Tennis Community should apply. If accepted, certification is included in the $130 application fee.

• Standard per year membership fee is $100; $200 for minor athletes; and $100 for each individual service provider within larger academies.

• All members undergo a Level 1 background check, while athletes and guardians submit to a credit check as well. This ensures our high standards and future accountability.

• Certification unlocks your member access to our on-the-fly automated contracts.

• GTP contracts address every eventuality of duration and compensation, including deferred payment options.

Learn more about membership into GTP’s Association! Schedule a call with our sales team today.

Welcome to GTP

(GTP Certified & WTA Coach Eddie Elliott)